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  • 12 March 2011Facebook won -  

    It seems as if Facebook won the war between this site and our individual profiles as the means for keeping up to speed with friends and family. We will however try to keep a few updates here. They will be far and in between (as has been the case recently )

  • 02 January 2011Happy New Year! -  

    We are currently on holiday away from home and will be bringing back plenty of pictures (like really plenty of pictures. Only issue is that we may end up sharing most of them on Facebook rather than here.. Current dilemna that we have is, should we continue to share pictures here, where we have complete control and can really remove the pictures when we want to, or on Facebook where there are some controls on who can see them...). In the meantime wr wanted to wish you all a very Happy and Blessed 2011. May all your wishes come true and may the Lord continue to bless and guide you all.

  • 11 October 2010Dante's photo shoot -  

    PhotoWe took Dante to the photo Studio recently and managed to get a few interesting pictures. To get to them, you can click on the photo or alternately try this link...


  • 09 September 2010Dante Interviews for School -  

    Dante's just before first school interviewToday Dante took the next step in his 'educational career'. He went for his first school interview. We can't believe it ourselves but our little boy is getting to be a bigger boy now. Anyway, as promised, we managed to get some pictures of him just before he went in for the quizzing (which ended up being more of an information session for us, and one of the school people playing with him whilst observing his English language comprehension and a few other skills - although this was not explicitly stated, it was understood to be the case)

    The pictures are in this album

  • 07 September 2010Photos, coming soon -  

    OK folks, we should be able to start uploading pictures soon... Meantime, this is just to say that we are all well and the Lord continues to shower us with blessings.

  • 12 August 20104 Years on... -  

    It is in gratitude to the Lord who blesses and keeps us that we celebrate our 4th anniversary today. May he continue to guide us, and to give us the wisdom to listen to him. Thanks to friends and family who wish us well and continue to help us on the journey of life...

  • 30 July 2010Us and Cameras -  

    We find it difficult to post new stuff when we do not have pictures to accompany the words. Unfortunately our camera has long given up its ghost again and so we've been away from the updates page. We are still here and life continues to move on at its usual pace down here at the Southern most tip of Africa. Anyway, its almost August and our anniversary is around the corner...don't say we didn't remind you!

  • 11 June 2010Ke nako! It's Here! -  

    Yes, we feel it too. The Fifa 2010 World Cup TM is finally here in South Africa. We just cannot describe the atmosphere here. It really is amazing and wonderful to be here. Though we are ordinarily not crazy about soccer, we cannot help but be caught up in the whole frenzy, which is why we are supporting Bafana Bafana and the other African teams... Hopefully one of them goes all the way to the finals. More importantly, though, the games have finally come to Africa and Africa is putting its own flavour on them. Which is really great, because it shows the world that we also have something to offer the world...

  • 01 June 2010Glory to God -  

    It's been a while since our last post, but today we just want to give Glory again for the many blessings that He gives to our family. He has done it again, and for that we continue to Bless and Praise His name. Farayi starts a new job and a new chapter in his professional life today. Only the Lord knows how He has got us here, and only He knows where he will take us next. In the meantime, we are loving where he has brought us. It is indeed a nice place.

  • 02 May 2010Retreat Weekend -  

    We've just come back from a wonderful weekend retreat, out in Swellendam. It was a truly uplifting spiritual experience and we hope that we will be able to carry the passion and zeal that we have come back with for many more days to come.

  • 24 April 2010Winter Blues -  

    D had a great day out today. He spent the day with Tami and his parents, celebrating Tami's 3rd birthday which was just a few days ago. The winter, though it has not officially started, has already started giving him some grief. He's got a terrible cough since end of day yesterday and we had to take him into the doctor before he could go out for his fun day out with his friend. As it turns out, the guy is quite a strong fighter, and he had a swell day, inspite of the cough. Way to go, young man!

  • 06 April 2010The Zim/Hre Switch -  

    Something interesting happened when we went up to Harare recently. Until then, Mr D could understand Shona perfectly but his preferred language was always English. He would use the odd Shona word in conversations but we were almost resigned to the fact that he would be able to understand the language but would not be using it anytime soon. It seemed logical: more people speak English in his world and so it made more sense for him to proceed that way...

    Until we got to Zim, where Shona was the lingua franca of everyone at home. It seemed to have dawned on him that it was not a peripheral language that his only his father and his uncles spoke to each other and to him in. This was his Gogo, Sekuru and cousins' language. Not only that, everyone else was speaking the same language so something in his 3 year old brain switched on and he decided to switch to Shona. Yes, Shona as his primary language, with some interesting results.

    Interesting results, because it appears as if he thinks in English, it being his first language (almost his mother language, since she speaks to him in that language). So when he speaks in Shona, he sometimes uses English rules of grammar to come up with the most hilarious statements that have ever been said in Shona. Not only that, his grasp of shona pronouns and object/subject qualifiers is still limited so he uses the same pronouns and qualifiers for all object and subject types with interesting results.

    Anyways, we thought that this switch was a temporary thing and he would switch back to English on arrival back in the Cape. No such luck. He has continued with his newfound love for the Shona language. Fortunately, he knows when to switch to English and it seems that from now on, our little boy is truly bilingual...

  • 02 April 2010Retreat Weekend -  

    No Update

  • 28 March 2010Back in ZA -  

    Oops, that update about being on the road to Zim stayed on for longer than we had intended it to. It turns out that the Zimbabwean Cellular networks do not currently support data roaming and we couldn't be bothered to find public internet access for the duration of our stay up there. So in the end, that update stayed on and gave the impression of people stuck on day two of a terribly long journey home. In actual fact the journey wasn't as long. After that last update we continued our trip to Harare were we stayed for the past couple of days. We had one weekend out in Mutare, but spent the majority of the trip based in Mabvuku enjoying the time with the rest of the Kambarami clan up there. It was quite a nice trip.

    The country is different. There are now toll gates all along Masvingo road and even on Mutare road, the two national roads that we used. The currency in use is different from the one that was last in use when we last were there and the shops are now well stocked. Even people on the streets look somewhat different. Yes, this trip was nice, even though the country is still but a shadow of its former self... Anyways, we are now back on the road and will soon be home again. Today we sleep in Colesberg, a small town about midway between Cape Town and Jo'burg. The journey comes to an end tomorrow...


  • 13 March 2010Homeward Bound -  

    Today is our second day on the road to Harare. We started our road trip yesterday mid morning and spent the night in Colesberg, half way between Cape Town and Jo'burg. Tonight we spend the night in Jozi, at our friends' place before we resume the journey tomorrow morning. All going well, we will be in Harare end of day tomorrow evening.

  • 05 February 2010Pre-birthday Party @Creche -  

    Yep, master D had the first part of his 3rd birthday party at his pre-school with his fellow playmates. A few pics from this event can be found here. You can't see it from these pictures but they all had fun. As soon as the video is properly compressed, we will be posting it here...

  • 03 February 2010Life in 2010 -  

    2010 is off to a good start. December to February is quite a festive period for us, and yes, we are just in the middle of that now...  As we said before, young master Dante turns three in 2 days time and boy oh boy, is he excited about it. He is now aware of what it means to have a birthday and so this year we have no choice but to put up a show for him, starting with a small party at his creche on Friday and then the real thing on Saturday, his birthday. In fact Saturday is going to be interesting because he has catechism in the morning before the party later in the day. (Yes he has started attending Catechism of the Good Shepherd lessons at our parish's 3-6 year olds atrium. It is early days yet, but he is quite an adaptable young man and we do not forsee any issues with him). Anyway, Saturday is D's birthday, Sunday is the Bishops' ordination and the following Sunday is Valentine's day - of course! So, yes, the festive season is still on for our young family... Of course, it will soon be lent, and if all goes well, we will be spending a part of it in H-Town, Zimbabwe. ... but that's a story for another post.

  • 14 January 2010Countdown to 3rd D's birthday -  

    Christmas 2009 was an interesting experience for Dante and now that he is aware of what is going on around him, the focus moves to his 3rd birthday. They can be quite involved affairs these 3rd birthday celebrations and so we plan to make it as big a deal as we can possibly do... Stay tuned

  • 02 January 2010Happy New Year -  

    2010 is finally here. A happy New Year to you all, and all the best for the year ahead from Dante, Farayi and Codilia.

  • 23 December 2009Merry Christmas 2009 -  

    2009 is almost over and in just two days, it will be Christmas once again. Can we take this opportunity to wish you and all yours, all the best wishes for this Christmas, and if we don't bump into reach other before the year closes, the best of 2010.

  • 22 October 2009So so busy -  

    Yes, it's true. We are too busy to even check up on this site. Codilia is busy with studies whilst Farayi has a software project that has over run initial time projections... and Master D continues to grow... He probably would enjoy his toddler years more if he could go and run around the park with his dad more often, but the Cape Doctor likes to blow very hard our part of the world that his opportunities have been far and in between. However, when we have been down to the park, the young man does make it a point to have a great time. That is probably one of the things that he knows best: how to enjoy a good moment, or maybe, how to make the best of every opportunity that comes his way. We hope that he keeps this trait throughout his life which still stretches far ahead of him into the "infinite future"...

  • 11 October 2009Big Man In Da House -  

    Yes, D is definitely now fully his own person: speaks his mind and expects things to go his way. Things are quite interesting down here these days. His language of choice is definitely ShoNglish, although its mostly English. We will put up a few choice clips up here in a few days.


  • 25 September 2009Long time no Updates -  

    Just looking at the last couple of updates and they all seem to have a trend: they are either commenting on the weather or plain observations of the fact that we haven't updated the site in quite a while.... This time seems to be the longest stretch that we have gone without an update.... and its not because we have run out of stuff to share. To the contrary, we are now innundated with a plethora of media through which we can stay in touch. Facebook, twitter, ... that is where the action has been happening of late, and yes we realise we have less control over those media than we do here. Which is probably the reason why we are back to give an update on what's going on this side of the world.

    Master Dante is a big boy now. His language is getting clearer by the day although it seems that he has defaulted to English as his first language. He understands Shona, but he hardly ever uses it. His dad is frantically trying to get him to speak it more frequently, with some humourous results: the boy sounds really funny. You may be forgiven to think that there is someone else in that small body. Anyway, the battle is not yet lost, his father continues to try.

    Codie na Farie are mostly fine. Life has been pretty hectic of late, lots of stuff to do. Too much to say here, but we are fine. In fact we are realising that things have been so hectic we do not have any recent pictures to put up. We will try and make time to get some at the Spring festival now that the flowers are out on the West Coast of South Africa and put them up, so watch this space.

  • 11 August 20093 Years On... -  

    Time does really fly when you are having fun. Its been three years since that very happy day in Mabvuku in 2006 when we both said "ini Farayi...", "ini Codilia..." and we are still discovering the rich world of Holy Matrimony. The journey so far has been very eventful but exciting and we coudn't change anything if we had to. Of course having Dante is, as they say, an added bonus. He is someone that we can and do both love, and watching him grow is such a fulfilling thing. So, yes, as we come to yet another milestone in our life together, we just pray to God that He will  continue to bless and guide us on this path that he is leading us on.

  • 22 July 2009Aquarium Visit -  

    We had a very good day on Sunday. The weather was good, for a change and we took the opportunity to spend some time outdoors. We went to the two oceans aquarium with Tami, Keith and Dante. Unfortunately the lighting wasn't too good for the cellphone camera and the other "proper" camera ran out of batteries just as we got there so the pictures didn't come out as nicely as we would have liked. Anyway, we have a couple of the better pictures here.

  • 04 July 20094th of July -  

    The American declaration of Independence was actually signed on the 2nd of July 1776, but for some strange reason even some of the people who signed it died believing that they had done it on the 4th... and that is how today became the official Independence Day for America. Interesting fact that. Anyway, the most importance thing about this date is the endurance that the American democratic order has shown over the past 233 years. For us, thinking about the fabled "land of the free" makes us yearn for a day when our own country will be looked at in the same light: as a bastion of democracy and a beacon for all nations to emulate...

    In a sense it begins with us, as individualls, couples, families... and that is why we think that it is important to raise D having full awareness of the world around him and the role that he has to play to make it a better place. Maybe his generation will celebrate 18th of April in a different light...

  • 18 June 2009Cold and bald -  

    Its amazing how God works in His own time and puts everything in place just when they should. We have been going through a very blessed period these past few weeks... even though our home pc packed up, and our TV followed suit and the economic recession has made money a new swear word in the English language, we are coming through very strongly. Farayi has a new job and new challenges to face. He is back in the management fold after a needed, but very much misunderstood three year hiatus. Codilia is in between semesters at college, waiting for her last exams and generally having a good time at work. Dante has settled in into his creche routine and is now more confident with his language skills, throwing the unexpected new word every now and then :"Pleasure!" after having been told "Thank you"... Its really amazing how these young ones grow. Anyway, everything was going on well for him until Tuesday evening when his mom and dad decided that dreadlocks just weren't doing it for him anymore and he needed to change over to the bold look.... Pictures not yet looking clear but more soon to be posted.

  • 26 May 2009Raising a 2 yr old -  

    Dante's antics are quite interesting these days. Take this Saturday for instance. After having been put to bed by his mother the little man decided that he could get up and do more exciting things whilst his parents slept. So out of his bed, he came and straight to his dresser there to pick the bottle of brand new never yet opened petroleum jelly... he then went on to apply the WHOLE bottle on his fully clothed body and dreadlocked little head... The rest as they say is history. Such are the joys of having a two year old in the house...

  • 18 May 2009Winter in the Cape -  

    This winter has started on a much happier note than all other previous ones that we have spent down here at the cape of Storms (the prefered name for Cape Town in Winter... in Summer it is of Good Hope...)  Farayi got quite some good news from work and Dante has been in excellent health recently after  a few weeks of sniffles caused by the change to his routine brought about by his attendance of creche. Still the first cold front that hit us this weekend gave us quite a chilly weekend and we had to be housebound for most of the weekend.  Our home computer is still out of action so updates will continue to be sparse...

  • 11 May 2009Good luck to Mai D -  

    Codilia starts her exams today. We are just praying that she gets through them without any incidents. Otherwise Mother's day was kinda quiet yesterday. No pictures, but we had a good day.

  • 18 March 2009Dante's 1st day at Creche -  

    Dante and his ma on his first day at Creche 

    Dante starts Creche

    Finally the little boy has started pre-school. Pictures are in the album linked to the picture next to this text.

  • 14 March 2009Terrible Twos -  

    Its been a long time since we updated this site. Things have been quite hectic and we have neglected the updates... Life, of course, continues to "happen" to us everyday. The most significant change in our household, recently is the onset of the "terrible two" behaviour by one Mr Dante Anesu Kambarami. Hew now knows how to throw a tantrum and scream the house down. So much, in fact, that at times we are left in complete confusion, unsure of how to proceed or handle the situation. But such are the joys of being the parents of a toddler. Some say the worst is still to come, so we are bracing for more. Meanwhile, we still continue to enjoy the other more pleasant side of the man: the unbounded love and the sheer zest for life. Its amazing to watch the vitality of this little boy and his thirst for life and learning. We know we have made several promises to post some pictures giving a sense of where he is at now, and we will make them good "soon". In African time...

  • 27 February 2009Update on Dante's Birthday -  

    Sorry for taking too long to post the latest pix of Mr DAK. Its a very small album though.....

  • 25 February 2009Ash Wednesday 2009 -  

    Today marks the start of lent 2009. Its always a time of great introspection and prayer  and this year promises not to be any different.

    Yesterday, Dante decided to redesign the common computer keyboard as we know it. He took out several keys off the laptop that we use as our home computer yesterday rendering it almost unusable. With some pseudo touch typing, once can make do with the remnants of the keys, but its a much more challenging exercise. Fortunatly, one can always find an external keyboard and hook it onto the machine to render it usable again. Anyway, this is just to say that we spoke to soon when we said that the little man was not going to give us a torrid time in his terrible twos. He has chosen not to disappoint and be true to the time honoured custom of giving parents a run for their money at this critical stage of his development. Now we know that parenting does have its serious challenges...

    Link to pictures of redesigned keyboard below..

    picture of redesigned keyboard


  • 09 February 20093rd Year... -  

    So the young man's birthday has come and gone and we are now in his third year out here on terra firma. We are told that we should expect a roller coaster year as he starts getting to assert more of his individuality and get into the 'terrible twos"  stereotype. Hopefully he doesn't. SO far we have no reason to believe that he will, so this is just praying for another good year ahead.

    Pictures to follow...


  • 06 February 2009Happy 2nd Birthday dante -  

    Its Dante's 2nd birthday today and we would like to thank God for keeping him safe thus far. We pray that he will continue to be the calm, smart and well mannered young man that he seems to be growing up to be.

  • 04 February 2009What can Dante do? -  

    As per promise, just a quick listing of some of the interesting things that the little man can now do:

    1. Put on his own pants/pull up pampers/shorts. Some time last week he had been dressed up in red shorts and he presumably did not like them so he disappeared into his room, fished out a pair of trousers and came back dressed up in the new gear, with the pants a bit askew. Still he had them on quite well, each leg in a seperate trouser leg...
    2. He is fully bilingual and understands instructions in both Shona and English although he is picking up more English than Shona words. He still confuses some words like "O-o" ( for take this in Shona) which he uses both for asking for something (instead of Ndipeo/Ndipoo) and for when he wants to give you something.
    3. He also has a cute way of saying "Thank You", it sounds something like "Tat, yu!
    4. When you leave a room to go into another and he is infront of you he will casually ask you to "close the door' (though it sounds more like 'Co de door")
    5. Before supper he will usually be the first one to say "Let us pray", with his clapsed ready in a gesture to indicate readiness for prayer and after we have said grace he will shout out 'Amen" with a beaming smile on his face...
    6. He likes going places so much that when anyone says "good bye" in earshot of him, he will quickly find his shoes, put them on anyhow and say his own good byes in preparation for a quick exit with whoever would be leaving. Or sometimes he will just come to his dad or his ma, grab them by the hand, saying "Handei" (Shona for let's go) and gesture for them to follow him out of the house...
    7. When leaving the house by car, he can get himself into his car seat on his own and it seems as if he will soon be able to buckle himself in (which is a scary prospect because he sometimes doesn't want to stay harnessed to his seat and throws a tantrum when he feels that his parents are not being fair on him keeping him in his seat...)
    8. ...

  • 24 January 2009Countdown to Dante's birthday -  

    Dante is almost two now and it has been a while since we last gave an update of what's going on in his world...

    Actually a lot has been going on... the young man is now getting around and is now fully his own person. Of course he is still a baby, but he now knows what he wants and practically runs the show when it comes to what he wants. There are quite a number of little things that he now does and observing his little world is quite an interesting activity. In the next few days we will be updating you on some of these little things...

  • 15 January 2009First Jan Album -  

    We have to apologise for the misleading Christmas banner that is still flying above this message, but you will have to bear with us for a few more days... we cannot make any changes to the site for the next few days whilst we sort ourselves out...

    Anyway, as promised, please see the 1st Jan pictures here.

  • 09 January 2009New Year -  

    2009 is off to a relatively good start. New Year's day is also Codilia's birthday so that always go off very well. We stayed indoors and had a good time, but have not yet posted the pictures up onto this site yet. We'll soon be doing so, otherwise all we want to say to you is compliments of the season and hope that this year will be kinder to us all...

  • 26 December 2008waiting for 2000 and divine -  We had a good Christmas. we now await the beginning of the new year.

  • 22 December 2008Merry Christmas 2008 -  

    Merry Christmas to you all

    This is wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Blessed New Year. 2008 is all but almost gone and we look forward to the new year with great hope. Our prayer is that it will be a better year. We will certainly pray and work towards making it a better one. We hope that you join us in doing this. Its the only way we think we will be able to make it better than the rollercoaster ride that 2008 was. Anyway enjoy Christmas, be safe and have a wonderfull New Year.

    Farayi, Codilia naDante.

  • 15 December 2008Christmas Wishes -  

    Best wishes for this Christmas from us to you.

  • 25 November 2008Dante out and about -  

    We got a few more shots of D here

  • 19 November 2008Dante at 21 Months -  

    Its been a while since we put up pictures of the young man, so here are a few shots taken quite recently... Enjoy.

  • 12 November 2008Life is a mystery -  

    Today, the 12th of November 2008, is Farayi's 34th birthday. It is also Kylie Tendero's first birthday.

    Yesterday, the 11th of November 2008, Rhinos, Farayi's cousin passed on.

    These two days make clear the mystery of life. We may have today and this moment, but the future is never known. Except of course that one day we will die. So today, as we celebrate the birthdays of Farayi Kylie and the life of the late Rhinos, we remember once again that our role in life is to live it to the best of our abilities. Giving of our love to those whom God has put into our paths and taking care of those things that he has entrusted into our care. Yes, yesterday and today make clear the mystery of our lives. It doesn't really matter that at the end of our lives we will die. We have to make the most of our lives so that death can truly be a gate into another more glorious and wonderful life; both in the hearts and minds of our loved ones and in the world to come...

  • 05 November 2008Makorokoto Barack Obama -  

    May we also add our voice to the many voices that are congratulating Barack Obama on becoming the first African American President of the United States of America. One day, it won't matter what colour the president of any country in the world will be, and that day will trace its roots to today. 5 November 2008 (or late evening of 4 November 2008). The day that America changed.

  • 26 October 2008Life is good -  

    We are trying not to make this site into a running commentary of the weather in the Western Cape province of South Africa and give more meaningful updates of the goings on this end that is why our postings have somewhat thinned. Life continues to be good to us, even though we have had the occasional tummy bug and the terrible cough visit one or other member of our household.

    Dante continues to grow in such an amazing and intriguing way. Still no full set of baby teeth, though. But he is babbling some mixture of Shona, which his father speaks to him in, and English, which is his mother's medium of communication with him. He amazingly understands both, and can clearly differentiate between the two languages quite easily, but maybe that is the reason why his mastery of either language is slightly slower to his impatient parents, who are sure to start complaining once he gains full control of language and starts using it to make his wishes clearly known. Meanwhile, it seems as if the tantrum is the preferred means of expression for the many disasters that plague the toddler's life. Its all such great fun (and frustration, on both sides, at times) of course, and we are trying to make the most of this time that we have with him in this phase of his life. Time, they say, is too short...

    We promised video and pictures of Mr DA, bu you will have to wait a few more days to see them here. Editing and selection in progress...

  • 19 October 2008Yes we are still here -  

    Lots of stuff happening, its been too hectic and our pc has been offline for a while that is why there haven't been posts in a while. we'll soon be posting something, but we just needed to say , we are still here...

  • 05 October 2008Some quick updates -  

    We have just added a photo slide show from Dante and his mother's recent trip to Zim here.

    Summer has been slow in coming to the Cape, and the news from home have not been particularily good. We lost Mai Munashe last week and the country continues to be in limbo... This year will  surely go down as one of the most challenging years for the people of Zim. Most economic activity has been on hold since the beginning of the year, firstly due to the election and then in anticipation of the results, then because of the runoff, and then it was waiting for the outcome of the talks, and now its the talks about the government... God bless our motherland, we do need some closure on the problems of this year...

  • 21 September 2008Hoza Spring! -  

    Today was such a lovely "Spring" day. It really has been long in coming and we are really getting tired of the cold and the rain. More rain is projected starting from Tuesday and maybe on Wednesday, which is a holiday here. So we had to make the most of the sun today. The party that we had for two of our compatriots who recently got married went on very well.

    Hoza Spring, hoza!!

  • 12 September 2008A New Dawn for Zim? -  

    That is our hope and prayer today, following the announcement of the "Deal" between the two main political rivals back home in Zimbabwe. Hopefully our winter of discontent as a people is coming to an end and now spring will come, followed by a fruitful summer...

  • 08 September 2008Birthday of Our Lady -  

    Today the Church of God celebrates the birthday of Mary the Mother of God: that young virgin who said "Yes" to the Word of God and in this way helped bring about our salvation. We honour and thank her especially for always being there to listen to our prayers and send them through to her Son, Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

    However as we celebrate this important feast, we are also a bit unsettled today. Dante does not seem to be taking the Zimbabwean environment too well. HE was reportedly vommiting through the night and we just hope that he gets well soon. Meanwhile the weather down at the Cape of Storms is dreary, wet and windy. What a bad weather and news day!


  • 05 September 2008Dante back in H-Town -  

    Dante and his ma are now safely in Harare. Guess that means Dante asvika kumusha kwavo... funny that, kumusha kwana Dante and his "cousin-sisters" kuMabvuku, Harare. Anyway, vafamba bho and he has already started to enjoy the company of his sisters, asi baba vake vanzwa nekusuwa mhuri yavo. MaOne chaiwo.

  • 04 September 2008Mother and Son's turn -  

    Codilia Shamiso and Dante Anesu left for Harare yesterday morning. They are taking the painfully slow way of going by bus. They had the whole day in Jozi today and will be off to Harare later in the day arriving in Harare sometime during the day on Friday. We are expecting more pictures to come out of their trip and hopefully we will be able to post all of them here. 

  • 17 August 2008Spring nearing.. -  

    Click on this picture to see an enlarged version of this picture of Dante and his dad's day out at the ocean

    The sun was out today down here at the Cape of Storms (these days it is more of storms than of Good Hope, although we still have plenty of Hope). We took the opportunity to take young Mr Dante Anesu out to the beach, and boy, did he like it! Now we can't wait for summer, because this year we will be able to go and build sand castles with the young man, and it really promises to be fun. Unfortunately we didn't have the presence of mind to take our camera along when we went out for the afternoon today. Maybe next time... 

    Anyway, we do have some pictures from previous trips to the ocean that we had posted onto our facebook profiles ad we just found a way of cross referencing them from here, so here are the first two. D with dad and then D with ma.

    Click on this pic to see a full sie pic of D and his ma


  • 11 August 2008Anniversary -  

    The 12th of August is a special day for us. Two years ago, we walked down that isle and started this journey that is our married life together. That day, two years ago was a very special one, just as each special day that has gone by since then. So we thank God for the grace to continue on this path of growth and learning. We just pray that we continue to grow in love for each other and for God and all His people.

  • 14 July 2008Pictures now up -  

    The pictures from Zim can be found here.

  • 02 July 2008Back @ Last -  

    Just to say Dante nababa vake vakadzoka. We will be posting pictures soon.

  • 17 June 2008Greetings from H-Town! -  

  • 08 June 2008Trip to ZIm -  

    Dante and his dad are off to Zim. It's the boys first trip away without mom. Hope all goes well. Anyway, since they are flying its just a few hours and they will be with all the grand parents to help with taking care of the little one.

    Meanwhile we have loaded some new pix here

  • 29 May 2008Pictures - Coming back!! -  

    Hoooooooray!!! We now have a digital still camera again! You guessed it. Pictures will soon come back onto this site. Meanwhile, we thank the Good Lord for blessings that He continues to shower us with....

    We continue to offer our prayers for all those brothers and sisters of ours who have been displaced by the cruel barbarism that has recently afflicted some members of the SOuth African population resident in townships and informal settlements.

  • 25 May 2008Angels of Death -  

    Today we failed to make it to Sunday Mass. We had intended to go for the evening mass, but as chance would have it, we got called by one member of our prayer group to go and assist with food preparation for some of our compatriots who were caught up in the recent xenophobic attacks here in Cape town. Our plan was to go and quickly dispatch what little relish we managed to prepare for them and then proceed to church for the late night mass. We ended up having to assist with the preparation of sadza and the subsequent distribution of the food at the church were some of the affected people are being temporarily housed.

    All in all, it was a really sad and humbling experience. It is really sad to see the amount of evil that our fellow African brothers and sisters have visited upon our fellow countrymen and women. However, we were humbled by how much compassion some of the people that we associate with have for their compatriots. They had even organised some toiletries as part of the gift packs that we handed out to our now destitute fellow country men and women. Our prayer is that this evil goes away, and goes away soon. We also pray that normalcy will be restored in the lives of these, our brothers and sisters who have now been twice diplaced, first by the woes back at home and now by the evil that our South African brothers and sisters are inflicting upon them...

  • 19 May 2008Africa Day Mass -  

    Next Sunday, the 25th of May is a special day on the Africa continent. It is Africa day. To celebrate this day, the Cathedral parish of our Lady of the flight into Egypt, hosted a beautiful mass yesterday. It was such a lovely ceremony which we all enjoyed. The only blight on the day is the news of the ongoing violent attacks on foreigners by South Africans in some Jo'burg Townships and even in the CBD. We just hope that this goes away soon, otherwise, the dream of a rainbow nation is being dealt a severe and almost fatal blow...

  • 11 May 2008Mother's Day and Pentecost -  

    Today is a special day. It is Pentecost, the birthday of the Universal (Catholic) Church of Christ. It is also Mothers' day. A special day indeed! We remember today our mothers back home in Zimbabwe and all mothers all across the world. We put them all in the care of Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Mary the Mother of Our Lord Jesus Christ and we pray that the Lord will give them abundant life as he promised. We remember all the love that they have given to us, and we pray that the Lord will make us worthy children of such loving and great women.

    To Gogo Paradza and Kambarami and all our other mothers, Happy Mother's Day!

  • 05 May 2008Toddler in the House! -  

    There is a toddler in the house! ...and he knows how to get his way around!

    Its amazing how the change from crawling baby to walk about todler is also reflected in the personality. Toddler Dante is now in that phase that his partenal granny calls 'anofarira zvekurongedza": he is forever packing and unpacking things. Yesterday we were at a prayer meeting in Claremont and he spent most of the meeting taking off and putting back on the table cloth off  the coffee table that was in the meeting room. In between, he was just running around hitting the door, flipping the switch on the air conditioning unit and drumming away at the coffee table, the sofas and anything else in time. No wonder, by the time we got back home early in the evening he was so tired he went straight to bed, missing his dinner, for the first time in quite a while... but that is the life of a toddler. Pretty hectic, hey?

  • 21 April 2008Video - Dante walking -  

    We have just posted a very short clip of the young mans latest feat: walking. The video can be found here. You will also notice that it is also in the smallest resolution of all videos we have posted to date. We are trying to conserve our bandwidth and space on the server, thus the lower spec graphics... Hope you understand and forgive us...

  • 17 April 2008Dante ave kufamba -  

    Yes, its true. The boy can now walk on his own. Its now two days since he started, and we now can confidently say that we now have a toddler on our hands. The baby has graduated into the next phase, and what we are told are the initial phases of the quest for "independence"... Pictures/Video to follow soon.

  • 13 April 2008Music in his bones -  

    We are hoping to catch him at it one of these days, but before we do, we have to let you know about Dante's latest favourite thing: dancing. Yes, you got that right, little Mr Kambarami enjoys getting jiggy with when good music is on. He gets this big smile on his face, and you have to see this big one tooth smile of his, and rocks the whole of his body to the rhythm of the song. You don't need anyone to tell you that he definitely has music in his bones...

  • 05 April 2008Some pix, at last -  

    We managed to persuade our digital video camera to get a few pics of Dante and his ma. Check them out here...

    More news on Dante: His first tooth is definitely here now! His mother got the first sneek preview two days ago, and by yesterday we could all clearly make it out. Its not fully emerged, but its here. Dante's first tooth. We hope to catch it on camera soon.

    Keeping with Dante, the little man can now waddle along without holdig onto things. He just doesn't yet have the confidence (or is it the desire) to explore the world on his feet. He still prefers to go about on all fours and only occassionally showing off his newfound pedestrian skills. We plan to get some video footage of him doing his thing up as soon as we can persuade him to give us some decent footage to preserve and share on the web...

  • 30 March 2008Zimbabwe Decided -  

    Yesterday people back home voted in an election that saw them choosing their representatives in both the upper and lower houses of Parliament, local government and their choice of president. The results are taking time to be announced but our hope and prayer is that whatever the result, peace will prevail. Our country needs to move forward and talk of a Kenyan style mass rebellion appears to us to be quite ill advised. There must be a better way of moving ahead, and hopefully these elections will deliver this peacefully.

    Please join us in praying for peace in ZImbabwe.

  • 23 March 2008Happy Easter -  A Happy Easter to you all. Alleluia, alleluia, Christ is risen. He is our Life, Our Way, and Our Truth. Today was the "bestest!!" Easter that we have ever had. Celebrating with our other Zimbabwean Catholic Peeps just made it so special... and the food and all the political and other social talk that we had with the Meal at the Famous Butcher's Grill just made it even more special... Happy Feast day to y'all and may the joy of the Lord be with you always!

  • 22 March 2008Farayi's Baptism Anniversary -  

    Easter fell on the 16th of April in 2005, and the Easter Vigil Mass was celebrated on the 15th of April in the old St Fidelis Church in Mabvuku ZImbabwe. What a beautiful Mass that was! It was during that Mass that Farayi finally became a Christian, together with his two brothers. SInce then Easter has always had a very special meaning and place in our hearts. Even though today is just the 22nd of March, the mere fact that it is Easter Saturday brings back a flood of happy memories of all the Easter vigil Masses celebrated out there in Harare.

    The music is always so very good, especially singing the Gloria after a very long time... Then there are the all time favourites like "mangwanani emusi weSvondo..." and "Amuka muponesi". Makes you miss home and reminisce about the good old days in the motherland. Hopefully soon we will be able to go home to celebrate another Easter Mass at the new church of Our Lady of perpetual help. Meanwhile in the silence of this Easter Saturday, we can only pray for the healing power of our Glorious Saviour to save the motherland and restore its people's pride.


  • 18 March 2008Betrayal -  

    Its barely three days before the beginning of the great Easter Triduum when we celebrate the single most important event in Human History: The death and resurrection of the Christ. Today's gospel readings touch a very important aspect of our Christian lives. Betrayal. Christ foretells his betrayal by Judas and also tells Peter that he too will fail him in his hour of need.

    Sometimes we use this reading to comfort ourselves in our own times of weaknesses, justifying ourselves as it were; if the disciples who lived and walked with Him for a whole three days could let Him down, what about us? But I guess we are different. We have His Spirit poured unto us at Pentecost, through our own baptisms and confirmations so we really have no excuse. As the Church asks us to introspect about the ways that we have betrayed Jesus, let us ask His Spirit to make us stronger in the face of temptations...

  • 15 March 2008Logo -  

    Taisa new feature on the site. Now when you access the site tave kudisplayer an icon ine logo yedu iyi  . Of course you need to be using an up to date browser kuti uyiwone, and the icon probably looks squashed mucorner when it displays, but now you'll know what it is.

    Otherwise kuno tiri bho hedu. We know kuti tagarisa tisati taisa mapictures pano, and we'll soon figure out a way to remedy that.


  • 12 March 2008Google -  

    One of the interesting things that comes with having you own personal domain linked with web traffic monitoring tools is that you suddenly get an insight into the number of people who "Google" your name. A lot of our friends from the past stumble upon this site by ...not so much chance but some kind of chance. They google "kambarami" or "farayi kambarami"  or... and end up right here, and we can tell when they checked up on us, and what path they took on this site and how long they stayed and...

    Quite interesting, but also makes you pause for thought, doesn't it. if we can tell so much about your internet visitation habits on this site just think what else all those other website owners can tell about you on the basis of the trail that you leave behind whenever you are 'out surfing the net'... Food for thought, from a friendly but thoroughly monitored site!

  • 09 March 2008Temper, temper, Mr D.A. -  

    The flu is now all but gone, but in its place there is an emerging little terrorist. Whimpering and screaming at the slightest hint of being refused to have his way with anything no matter how harmful it may be to himself, little Mr D.A. has been transformed into a little terrorist.

    To be perfectly honest, we suspect that this new phase of "un Dantelike" behaviour is being caused by something else that we can't yet put our fingers on. Yet that does not make us hate the condition any less. We want our sweet and adorable, no cry baby back! Now! Well we do know that it won't happpen just like that but these past few nights have been challenging. Hopefully it won't last long. Or maybe its those elusive teeth...

  • 01 March 2008Dante not well -  

    Little Mr D.A. Kambarami is not feeling well. He has the flu which is killing his joy big time! And you know when the young man of the house is not well, the whole household's joy is somewhat diminished as well. Hopefully this flu is also linked to the appearance of some ivory in his tiny mouth. The little man still has no teeth! Funny thing is that seems t be the trend with all of Gogo Kambarami's grand children... late teeth.

    Get well soon D. From mum and dad.

  • 29 February 2008Wisdom and Humlity -  

    This morning as we were driving Mai vaDante to work we were talking about the apparent lack of humility in the South African sub cultures that we have so far been exposed to. In this environment it is very tempting to want to follow the same example. Leading a self centred life in which everyone and everything else is there to serve one's own selfish interests. One's treasure becomes the pursuit of the many earthly pleasures that abound down here at the Southern tip of the "dark continent"....

    In times like these we become even more grateful for our great teachers who help us try to keep our moral and spiritual compasses pointing towards the true North. The following quote from Pope St Leo the Great is of particular interest:

    "Every man’s treasure is that which he desires. If it is based on earthly ambitions, its acquisition makes men not blessed but wretched. But many people use their wealth as a tool of devotion. By distributing what might be superfluous to support the poor, they are amassing imperishable riches.

    -- Pope St. Leo the Great"

    Hear Hear!


  • 28 February 2008Gathering or scattering -  

    The last verse in today's gospel reading is a very strong statement from Christ : "Anyone who is not with me is against me; and anyone who does not gather in with me throws away.". A very simple and clear dichotomy. No grey areas. No ifs or maybes, just for or against. Which side are we on?

  • 23 February 2008Shout outs now fixed -  

    This is really embarassing. The shout outs link wasn't working perfectly when we first put it out for you to use. We are sorry if you recently tried to give us your Shouts and you ended up looking at some yellow error page. That's really amateurish, we know, and so we have now corrected it. You should now be able to make your shout outs without encountering any problems.

    Do give it a try, and if it still fails could you please be so kind as to send us a quick note at


  • 21 February 2008UK Interest -  There has been an interesting spike in the number of UK based visitors to this site over the past couple of days. We'd like to get in contact with any of our friends who are checking us up on this site. Should you want to do so you can contact us at Alternatively you can post your shout outs.

    Otherwise this quick link remains to our most recently added family picture...

  • 20 February 2008New Family Pic -  Just added this one new pic of the family. Its in the Feb 2008 album. It can be accessed from this link

  • 20 February 2008Measure of success -  

    Morgan Freeman's character in the movie "The Bucket List" asks an interesting but rather pertinent question: "How do we measure the success of a life?" He poses a few suggestions but of course no answer is forthcoming from the movie itself (not surprising). We guess that this is one of the universe's big unresolved questions. It seems that there are as many answers as there are people asking themselves the same question. Maybe, you want to be one of them. It certainly has been a nagging thought on Farayi's mind since the end of last year, and if you have any thoughts on it please drop him a line at Or you can make it your shout out to us.


  • 18 February 2008Compassion and Generosity -  

    Today's gospel reading is one of the most powerful messages in the Bible:

    "Luke 6:36-38

    Be compassionate just as your Father is compassionate. Do not judge and you will not be judged; do not condemn and you will not be condemned; forgive and you will be forgive. Give, and there will be gifts for you: a full measure, pressed down, shaken together, and overflowing, will be poured into your lap; because the standard you use will be the standard used for you"

    Let us ponder these profoundly deep words of Christ.

  • 14 February 2008Happy Valentine's day -  

    What more could we say, but just to wish you and all your loved ones a hapy valentine's day. Remember, though love is for all seasons and days, it doesn't hurt to ponder on it more today. Make it special, and make it love.


    More Love,


    Dante, Codilia na Farayi Kambarami

    14 Feb 2008

  • 09 February 2008New look front page -  

    As you can see, we have started the redesign of the site. We have made a couple of changes to the site and these are:

    1. We have taken out the login boxes as non of you have been able to use it anyway.
    2. We now include a country specific greeting everytime that you login. We may get your city wrong, but we are sure we will have the correct country displayed always.
    3. We have also added an area for you to give us your comments/shout outs should you wish to. You can also view all the other comments from our other visitors. Please note that we actively monitor and log all the IP addresses of all visitors who submit comments and we may block you if we find your submissions unacceptable...

    More changes are in the pipeline

    Enjoy our site!

  • 07 February 2008Dante at One -  

    And here are the pictures... Mr Dante Anesu Kambarami @ 1!

    We have included the pictures taken a day after his birthday. Young man is really getting around.

  • 06 February 2008Happy Birthday Dante -  

    Its Dante's Birthday today, can you believe it! The year has just flown by and the little baby who seems to have been born just yesterday has already seen his first full year. We thank God for allowing us to have such a blessed year with the little man, and we wish him (and us) many many more happy years to come.

    We are going to try and borrow a camera and update our photo gallery later today. The gallery does need a new picture of the Birthday boy....

    ...also as you can probably see, we are redesigning this site starting today. In the next few days you will see the new features that we are adding on, and hopefully thye will make the site more interesting. We do know that they will make it more interactive...


  • 27 January 2008Updates next week -  

    Hey guys, I know we have not updated this site for a while and its getting kinda sleepy. Anyway, the same cannot be said about Farayi Kambarami, Codilia Shamiso Kambarami and Dante Kambarami's physical household... more to follow later in the week, but just thought we'd hint on it...

  • 02 January 2008New Year Pictures now up -  

    As promised, we have now just added the New Year celebration pictures onto the site. You can link directly to them from this link.

  • 01 January 2008Happy New Year -  

    Happy New year to you all. Its a brand new spanking year, and boy did we enter it in style! Pictures will soon follow, we just wanted to give you a heads up on our new year so far... Later, we have to hit the beach now!

  • 23 December 20072 Days to Christmas 2007 -  

    General Update

    Christmas is almost upon us! 2 days to go and it will be the big day once again: time surely does fly, even when you are not having too much fun! But we have had our fair share of the good times... We just hope that your Christmas preparations are going on well, we don't really have aything ...yet.

    Update on Dante

    Doesn't really crawl, but is now mobile - shuttles across using his bum and sometimes uses his hands and knees. Also now trying to stand. Actually stands using furniture to prop himself up and even tries to walk. Unfortunately, again we don't have pictures but we'll see if we can't organise a short video...

    Other Updates

    We have just finished helping Ngonie with his latest album. Farayi designed the album cover which you can find at his myspace page here. You can also listen to snippets of the album off that site. Farayi is also busy updating Ngonie's online profiles on Wikipedia at this link, and at this one,and this one also.

  • 06 December 20072007 end of year party -  

    We had an end of year party with fellow members of the Zimbabwean prayer group that we are part of. Here are some of the pictures from the event.

  • 01 December 2007Advent 2007 -  

    Phew! Its 1 December again (already)!. How the year has flown by! But it has been good. Dante came in February, and since then we can tell the passage of time just by observing his growth and development. Its a great miracle, this thing called life.

    Advent 2007 officially begins now and as we prepare for another joyful Christmas Celebration, we'd like to take the opportunity to say a Blessed Christmas and a happy new year ahead to all of you, our loved ones. More love, and God Bless.

  • 13 November 2007Four Seasons in one day -  

    Cape Town Weather isone of the most unpredictable that we have ever experienced. Take this Sunday for instance. What started out as a gorgeous sunny morning, quickly turned into a windy afternoon which soon became a soaking wet early evening before calming back by the end of the day. Its really crazy. One can easily experience all the "four seasons in just one day" and its definitely not a nice feeling. Anyway, we are trying our best to aclimatise and we hope that we will come through.

  • 12 November 2007Day's Birthday -  

    Today, Monday the 12th of November is Farayi's birthday. It is also Kylie Tendero Kambarami's actual birthday. The little Miss was born early this morning at Mabvuku Clinic in Harare, Zimbabwe. Congratulations to Ngonie and Fadzi. Inga makorokoto chaiwo!


  • 09 November 2007Dante @ 9 months -  

    Our little boy is now 9 months! We can hardly believe it ourselves, but the little man is growing... Today he surprised us when we put him on his toy horse. He appeared to have a good time but nfortunately when we tried to capture the moment on video, he lost interest as the new video that we have just posted shows...check it here

    A tiny version of the same clip used to appear below this text, but we have taken it out as it made the loading of the updates page a bit slow... 

  • 20 October 2007Lost Digital Still Camera -  

    You may or may not have noticed a lull in the rate of new picture postings on the site over the past couple of weeks. Well, the reason for the that is that one of our most prized possessions, our digital still camera, has gone missing. It was last seen at a company function that Farayi attended at work about two weeks ago but since then its whereabouts are unknown. We do have a Digital Video Camera that has a 1 mega pixel digital still photography capability, but the picture quality is just not the same. Anyway, now that we have no choice, we will have to revert to it. Unfortunately, we do not have sufficient space on our hosting plan to upload more video content, because the video that it generates is pretty decent.

    Anyway, just thought we would keep you in the loop on the goings on in the South African arm of the Kambarami household. Apart from the above, we are all cool. A bit upset about Lucky Dube's death on Friday and looking forward to the Rugby Cup final later tonight...


  • 14 October almost online -  

    We've been frantically working on the first of our commercial sites,, and we are almost ready for launch. The idea behind the site comes from the current slang in use back in Zimbabwe. When one's plans come to pass they say "Zvachata", and is a natural progression from "Zvabatana". Our site  aims to enable basic commerce between Zimbabweans wherever they may be. Through this site, ordinary Zimbabweans with internet access should see their commercial plans coming together. "Anofanira kuchata ipapo". Thus the name.

    This week we go for User Acceptance Testing with a test panel that mainly consists of our friends and relatives in the Zimbabwean Diaspora. Depending on your feedback, we may be going online before the first of November. If you are interested in testing please log on to Registration is easy and does not need e-mail verification so you can be up and running in a very short while.

  • 02 October 2007Dante's 1st Haircut-Pix -  

    Pictures of Dante's first haircut are now available at this link.

    More pictures of the new look young man will soon follow.

  • 01 October 2007Dante's first hair cut! -  Dante had his firt hair cut on Saturday the 29th of October and boy does he look different! We will be posting pictures within the next day or two. Stay locked on...

  • 24 May 2007Dante's First Smile -  Dante finally obliges his father's request to smile for the camera. The results are here, we love these pictures, we hope you do too.

  • 20 May 2007Tamiriraishe's Baptism -  Tamiriraishe Will Kahonde, our godson was baptised. We didn't get enough pictures of the event though, but we have this one...

  • 29 April 2007Dante's Baptism -  Dante Anesu Baptised.His godfather is Samul Chamboko. Pictures here ...

  • 20 March 20076 Weeks Shot -  Dante's 6 week immunisation shot

  • 06 February 2007Dante's Date of Birth -  Dante's Date of Birth

  • 12 August 2006Christian and Civil Mariage -  Christian and Civil Marriage

  • 01 July 2006Traditional Marriage -  Roora yaCodilia

  • 05 April 2005Some pix, at last -  

    We have managed to persuade our digital video camera to take some decent stills of Dante and Codilia, so here goes...(check them here).

  • 01 January 1981Codilia is born -  Codilia's Date of Birth

  • 12 November 1974Farayi's Date of Birth -  Farayi's Date of Birth

We'll let you know how things are going this side of life on this page. Keep it bookmarked.